A Word A Week: Lines


Nothing is ours except time.

A photo of the time capsule in my town’s Centennial Plaza.   I wonder what is waiting underneath these lines…

Posted as part of the Word a Week Challenge:  Lines.

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25 thoughts on “A Word A Week: Lines

  1. Time is an interesting subject to me for it only exists as we know it here on earth. Our position from the sun defines the seasons. The rotation about the axis of the earth determines the time of day. Go anywhere else in the our solar system, or the universe, and time is different.


  2. I remember my class putting together a time capsule back when I was around 7 or 8 years old. I have no idea where that one was buried, or what the opening date was. Shame; it would have been fun to go back and check out the contents!


  3. Not sure how I missed this (I’m convinced that not all my follows appear in my Reader) but it is a very striking image! Agree with others – finding out what is in it and when it is due to be opened would make a fascinating blog 😀


    1. I’m pretty sure I miss some too but I’m glad you scrolled back to see this one. :). I asked a few friends today and no one knew what is in it but I’ll check with City Hall next. Stay tuned. 🙂


  4. Curious motif. A 16-pinted star with some script-like figure in the centre. What the history of the building the time capsule is attached to, and when is the capsule to be opened?


    1. I wish I had more information but for some reason it has been hard to discover some of these answers. In 1990 the city of Edmonds dedicated a new plaza by the civic center in celebration of it’s 100th Birthday and during the opening ceremony this time capsule was placed in the center. The town’s homepage doesn’t list the contents or opening date but I plan to go to City Hall soon and ask if they have more to share. Thanks for asking, I needed the reminder for a follow up trip!


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