Travel Theme: Fragrant

This week Alisa’s travel theme is all about fragrance and she has some beautiful examples of wildlife, baked goods, fresh fruit and spices posted at Where’s My Backpack. Since the theme for my blog is a view into our corner of the Pacific Northwest I thought it would be fun to show you photos of the first two home grown fragrances that came to mind today.

Fragrant 1

The scent of evergreen forests are always close to my home and this beautiful old cedar was part of our old front yard.  We still have plenty of cedars in the back yard though along with pine and fir trees for fresh evergreen air in all seasons.

Fragrant 2

The second scent that’s always in the background of the Pacific Northwest is the salty spray of ocean air.  There is usually a breeze off the water blowing inland toward my house and in the evening the wind speed increases spreading the beaches unique fragrance even farther into town.

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36 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Fragrant

  1. You are blessed Lisa to be surrounded by these fragrances 🙂 To have your own backyard with cedar trees and to be so close to the ocean 🙂 is just wonderful. Beautiful pictures!


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