Black & White Tuesday: 11-26-13

B&W Tuesday 11-26-13

El Santuario de Chimayo

Chimayo, NM

We spent a beautiful June afternoon here walking through the grounds, viewing the art work and lighting candles for family members.

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24 thoughts on “Black & White Tuesday: 11-26-13

  1. I love the way the path draws you through those lovely gates in the adobe wall. I’d like to see the church behind the wall if you have any photos of it. Nice black and white interpretation Lisa.


  2. This is a perfect capture, Lisa. I am so glad I’ve seen it. I know the place has charms on its own, but your take and editing made it into something really special!


    1. Thank you Paula for such a nice comment! I love the location but wasn’t happy with my color photos so haven’t posted anything from this day. For some reason I thought about working it in black and white yesterday and am happy I took the chance!


      1. We usually have a big family get together at El Paragua, which I think is in Espana, but we’re always looking for something new. It looks good, we should check it out.


    1. Thanks Bruce, yes there is a chapel close by filled with baby shoes, photographs and a lot of small personal items as reminders of loved ones… I’m glad we can share memories of this beautiful place.


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