A Word A Week: Yellow


Looking through my archives tonight has forced me to accept that yellow isn’t one of my favorite colors.  It’s not something I can wear successfully and it looks like it isn’t a color I photograph often.  Actually I’m kind of surprised I don’t have more photos that feature yellow as I do like the warm  sun and happy flowers but for this challenge I am left with this image of an old school bus that has seen better days.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t carry children anymore but it’s found a new life in retirement transporting vegetables to the Edmonds spring and summer farmer’s markets.

Posted as part of Sue’s A Word A Week:  Yellow.

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26 thoughts on “A Word A Week: Yellow

  1. Nicely done Lisa. I like the desaturation! I never thought to use a school bus ( I have a few photos of those) or indeed a bee as someone else mentioned (I have a few photos of those too!) as for wearing yellow I don’t. It just clashes horribly with my skin tone – though I do recollect having a very bright yellow PVC mac when I was a teenager – it just made me sweat horribly!! Like being wrapped up in cling film!
    J xx


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