Travel Theme: Yellow

Travel Theme Yellow

Alisa’s Yellow travel theme has me dreaming of spring days and a visit to the Skagit Valley Tulip Fields.  I can’t wait for April!

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66 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Yellow

      1. Years ago, the day after I got my first really nice camera, I went up to the Skagit Flats and photographed the tulip fields. What a great place to go and experience glorious color.

  1. I just went out through a foot of snow to get some laurel firewood (burns all night for coals in the morning). This warmed me right up. Thanks!

  2. Oh man me too. The daffier in the sat sop valley will be lighting up the fields in April too.
    beautiful shot and I am so ready for Spring.

  3. I love this photo. I have a weakness for tulips. It started when my mom went to the Netherlands and went home with hundreds of photos of tulips in varying colors, styles and kinds from that place. They have so many gardens and fields of tulips there. They’re really beautiful flowers. 🙂

  4. We have a small tulip farm just south of here in Holland, Michigan. It is difficult to get a tourist-free shot. Your yellow tulips are cheering. Spring will come.

  5. Endless field of yellow tulips! Incredible!
    I haven’t received your new posts from my reader 😕 Almost missed this beautiful post…

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