Sunday Stills: Graffiti

Sunday Stills Graffiti

I always enjoy reading posts linked to Ed’s Sunday Stills challenges and today’s prompt fit perfectly with a fall photo I’ve wanted to share.  My dad is focusing on an urban waterfall while Ryan snaps a picture of him and I am behind both of them watching their choices.  With graffiti on the side…

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26 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Graffiti

  1. “…people taking pictures of people taking pictures” – love it! And I like the B&W treatment too, makes the graffiti seem more edgy in an image where it isn’t the focus.


  2. This looks like a very nice walk. Wherever I go in my city I can see graffiti. Unfortunately there are very few creative ones. They are mostly scribbling like in this picture. I like the composition of your photo Lisa


    1. Thanks Paula, I rarely see artistic graffiti too. Most of it is the scribbling kind but I tried to make it work here as part of the image instead of the focus. I’m glad you like the composition. 🙂


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