Black & White Tuesday: 3-4-14

B&W Tuesday 3-4-14

After a dreary week of foggy October days Ryan and I grabbed our warm coats and headed to the beach.  Late afternoon brought us the first touch of light in days and just as the gray lifted a flock of birds rose from their perches at the Marina and  flew out to sea.

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15 thoughts on “Black & White Tuesday: 3-4-14

  1. Very cool shot LIsa!!! Capturing birds it flight is always very challenging.
    As I saw your post, and that it was Black and White Tuesday, I thought to myself, “I just posted my first black and white photo and it was on a Monday”…oh well, there is always next week.


      1. Most of the coastline around this area is forested down to the beach and when trees fall they can be swept into the water by high tides and storm surges. They float through the sound and finally wash up on local beaches. Boaters have to watch the water very carefully!


  2. Great shot! I don’t someone you’re allowed to take any of the drift logs home with you? What great wood.


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