Travel Theme: Misty


I love living by the waterfront with easy access to the beach but our proximity to Puget Sound also brings plenty of misty days .  In the fall we can spend weeks at a time wrapped in thick fog and even though I know the trees are turning brilliant shades of red and yellow and that the sky is bright blue above the fog line everything around us is muted, pale and quiet.

Both of these photos are from the same day in October, 2013.  The first view is what greeted us as we walked into to the park and the second was our surprise as the 10 day stretch of fog finally lifted just before sunset.  Some of you might remember the bright image below from my Wordless Wednesday:  10-23-13 post.

Wordless Wednesday 10-23-13

I like to think this kind of view is our reward for making it thorough the long, foggy days of October.

Posted as part of Alisa’s weekly Travel Theme:  Misty.

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32 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Misty

  1. Both beautiful – it must have been such a relief when the fog finally left! We are just getting into autumn and foggy mornings, but the afternoons are still quite warm and sunny. My favourite time of year.


  2. Beautiful shots and I love the fog. To me it takes the edge of off reality and the entire world look like a fantasy land.


  3. absolutely beautiful….and loved this part the most “above the fog line everything around us is muted, pale and quiet….” well loved the variety in photos too 🙂


  4. Loved both fall photos. I like how they’re both different. The first is sepia-like and feels quite cold. The second just radiates warmth with warm hues. There’s always so many different colours that you can get in fall photos. Good job 🙂


    1. Thanks Jude, you’re right I have a lot of misty pictures in my archives. 🙂 Did you ever read or see Snow Falling on Cedars? I’ve always thought the cover photography perfectly captures our foggy days and the author lives on Bainbridge Island, a short ferry ride from Seattle.


    1. Thanks Nancy, I’m glad you like the first one. 🙂 It was such a relief to see color again I rushed to post the second photo and left the foggy one to sit on my computer… good thing I didn’t hit delete.


  5. Stunning shots Lisa. I love misty mornings and you’ve captured this so well. I love how you showed the differences. Gorgeous! 😀


    1. I’m so happy I could share my pictures and stories with you today! There’s something special about the PNW that never leaves us. Thanks for the visits and follow. 😊

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