A Word A Week: Contrast

Ryan has a habit of picking up what ever electronic device is left lying around and secretly leaving his mark.  I never know what to expect when I realize I haven’t seen my phone for a few hours but usually I discover new voice recordings, fun messages on my fitbit and most recently a series of selfies on my iPod.  Maybe this post is a bit of a stretch for the word contrast  but I think the three photos below are a unique look at the contrasting moods of pre-teen boys.  Yes they are goofy and full of drama but they do have some sweet and introspective moments too.

 Contrast 1

Contrast 2

Contrast 3

Posted as part of Sue’s A Word A Week Photograph Challenge:  Contrast.

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31 thoughts on “A Word A Week: Contrast

  1. Haha, I love that. I rarely use my phone for photos but I decided to capture something last week to send to a friend. When I went to my gallery there were dozens of selfies of my grandson making all kinds of faces. He moved with his mother in January, 600 miles away so it was a nice surprise.


  2. Iam still smiling because the pics are so fun. I first looked at the pics without reading what you wrote – and so I saw them for the different tones and subject placement – like int he second one – which is black and white ands all close up – but then after reading what you wrote I started to laugh a little because it was so cute! Sneaking in little selfies is the BEST and these are truly little treasures to discover – and says so much about joy and all that. and great for the contrast entry too. 🙂 ~yvette


  3. I love Ryan’s shots. One day last week I left my phone on my desk at the front of the room. Just last night I found a group of 5 girls (high school students) who posed and left me a group selfie on my phone! Fun surprises always on electronic devices.


  4. This happens to me at college too.. As soon as I leave my phone unattended, the younger members of the class take selfies.. I’ve taken to leaving it there coz I love their photos lol


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