Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold


Crossing this threshold means entering one of my favorite shops in Seattle, Greenwood Space Travel and Supply.  GSTS operates to support the amazing non-profit writing and tutorial center 826 Seattle and inside the shelves are full of an amazing assortment of science themed books, toys, equipment and all around cool stuff.  Where else can you buy Space Pens, a Binary Chronometer, a Planisphere Watch, a jar of stars, vacuum packed space food and great t-shirts?

This is the 5th year they’ve hosted a spring rally to support Pluto regaining its status as a planet and the signs you see in the windows were carried through the neighborhood as part of their 2014 Dwarf Planet Pride Day.  The afternoon was full of tiny themed food, passionate speeches and lots of science conversation before ending with a kids debate about the future of space exploration and whether NASA should prioritize funding research on dwarf planets or NEOs (near-Earth Objects).  Everyone was excited to meet the panel of  judges which included NASA Carl Sagan Fellow and exoplanet discoverer Dr. Sarah Ballard, UW astronomy lecturer Dr. Oliver Fraser, and author of The Case for Pluto – NBC science editor Alan Boyle and watching them talk with each starry-eyed kid after the debate was a wonderful experience.

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35 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

  1. We were in Seattle this weekend for a wedding. Breakfast at The Mecca this morning. Next time I visit, I will find this store. I love this stuff.


  2. A threshold to another world…outer space! I just love how the outside is decorated with so many images and words. If I was passing by, I would definitely stop to have a look. There seems to be someone inside but it looks closed 🙂


    1. Their window displays do a great job of attracting attention to the store. 🙂 It was open for the day but they keep the lights low – I think it adds to the mysterious space-like atmosphere. 🙂


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