Wordless Wednesday: 4-16-14 Skagit Valley Tulips – 2

Wordless Wednesday 4-16-14

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43 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: 4-16-14 Skagit Valley Tulips – 2

  1. Those tulips are in such straight rows, absolutely stunning to look at. It must take a lot of maintenance to get them looking perfectly that way. Love how they are crimson red and they sky sky blue. A great contrast, and a great shot.


    1. Thanks Mabel! You’re right, the hours spent in each field must be incredible. Soon after the festival ends every tulip will be cut and the bulbs harvested for sale around the world. What a job!


      1. What a job indeed. All that effort to make sure each tulip is bright and blooming. Saw your other post on tulips, equally stunning. Sad to hear the tulips are cut after the festival ends but glad they will be going to homes!


  2. […] Lisa at Northwest Frame of Mind introduced me to the awesome Sandman Slim. I never read urban fantasy novels, but I’m always up to challenge myself and my ideas about reading. Kill City Blues is the weakest book in this series. (Even though there is something about reading that includes visiting the devil in hell while one is in the middle of Mississippi. In the middle of a very dark night. When she knows she has to go out on a very rural road and walk by herself for five hours the next morning.) If you haven’t met the Sandman, you should put the series on your reading list. Just maybe stop before this one. Or not. Richard Kadrey at 3 stars is still pretty good. […]


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