1 Day 1 World Project: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

1D1W 6

Twice a week for the past seven years I’ve spent my 6:00 pm hour here at the Lynnwood Recreation Center watching Ryan in his Tae Kwan Do class.  When he started I was simply looking for a fun activity that also taught focus and discipline and while he has definitely learned these lessons the experience has been more involved and rewarding than we ever anticipated.  Today he has a great group of  friends, both boys and girls, from outside his school circle that support each other and watching them grow and learn has been a fantastic experience for all of us.

The atmosphere is challenging but positive and along with their kicks, punches and forms the kids also learn self-defense, respect, camaraderie, team work and the feeling of success after a lot of hard work.  The instructor is an accomplished sixth degree black belt who has taught kids for over 20 years and for a day job he is also a youth pastor.  He takes his position as a role model very seriously and every lesson on fighting techniques is balanced with reminders about the importance of courtesy and safety.  Strength and grace.

Last week was a busy one here at the 1 Day 1 World Project and we had our largest number of views and entries so far.  Fellow bloggers from Slovenia, England, Singapore, Germany and Australia as well as the American States of Washington, Oregon, California, New Hampshire, Illinois, Virginia, Wisconsin and Texas joined in to give us a peek into their 5:00 hours. If you have a photo or story to share about your 6:00 pm hour I’d love to see it!   Please tag your post 1 Day 1 World Project for easy reader searches and/or link your post in a comment below so we can all enjoy the view. Together we’ll build a virtual 24 hour day filled with images from around the world.

If you’re new to the 1 Day 1 World Project please take a look at my introductory post here.  This 6:00 pm post will remain open for submissions until the end of Saturday, June 21st and a new post for the 7:00 pm hour will open for entries Sunday, June 22nd.

If you’d like to see what 6:00 looks like around the world click the links below.











Concert in the Park

Krakow, 6pm to 7

Summer Done Right


This cat has got OCD!




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72 thoughts on “1 Day 1 World Project: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

      1. I hope my stuff-up was not the cause of your removing the list of posts, Lisa !!!! – because they’ve completely disappeared. And I can’t think of another reason for that …


      2. I’m not sure what’s happening, can I send you a copy through email? I just looked on another computer here that isn’t signed into WordPress and everything is in order. I’ll be happy to forward it to you if you like.


      3. No, don’t bother, Lisa – the problem must be at my end. No idea what’s going on. I’ll ask Support if they have a solution. Thanks darlin.


  1. I love the stories you’re sharing with these, Lisa. I always love your pictures, but the stories give greater insight into who you are.

    Please forgive my absence. I’ll be apologizing to a lot of people in the coming days. Internet was charged by the MB in New Zealand, and that coupled with a disastrous cold kept me offline much of this trip. It ended up being a good thing, because I focused on my husband. Still, I missed everyone.


    1. Andra, it’s so nice to hear you are enjoying these posts. There is no need to apologize for your absence though, you’ve had so much going on lately. I’m really sorry to hear you were sick but am glad you had such a good stretch of time with your husband celebrating 10 years together. I hope you’re starting to feel better!


    1. Hi Elizabeth and welcome to the 1D1W project! I’m so happy to see more posts from Australia and love the opportunity to experience both summer and winter at the same time. 🙂 Lisa


  2. A great story and photograph. What jumps out at me is the wide angle reflection of the trees on the building’s glass fascia. Do I notice an interesting dovetailing of the “focus” created by Tae Kwan Do and the lens of your camera? Interesting thought this….



    1. Thanks for your visit and comments, Shakti. You may be on to something with the link between focus and my choice of photos today. I shot a lot of images for this post and finally selected this one because of it’s tighter focus and the tree/sky reflections. Maybe I was connecting the two without consciously thinking about it. 🙂


  3. I almost forgot to add how proud you must be of your son and his discipline. After 7 years he must be really strong physically and mentally!


  4. There is a band in Portland who call themselves the Freak Mountain Ramblers (www.freakmountain.com). They play to a packed house every Sunday beginning at 6:00 PM. All the attendees have called it “church” for years because it includes friends, community, dancing, camaraderie, gratitude, and, of course, world-class music.


    1. There are three community rec centers around us that we visit frequently because each one specializes instead of trying to do everything. They are only a short drive apart so we can swim, take classes, attend workshops etc all the time. I love them!


  5. Lisa, I just stumbled upon this project via Kathryn’s blog – wow, what an absolutely brilliant idea! I just wish I had not missed out on the first couple of hours 🙂


    1. It’s great to hear you like the idea behind this project! You can catch up with past posts through my 1D1W page and please feel free to jump in anytime if you’d like to join the fun. 🙂 A few late starters decided to continue their personal posts beyond my end date so they can also complete a 24 hour cycle while others post several times a week when they want to catch up. 🙂


  6. Lisa, this is SO wonderful what you are doing here!! I am thrilled and so proud of you! I LOVED this post and as I read through your words, I saw another glimpse of you. Great job all the way around! Love, Amy


  7. […] It’s encouraging to hear that the 1 day 1 world project is growing! 🙂 “…we had our largest number of views and entries so far.  Fellow bloggers from Slovenia, England, Singapore, Germany and Australia as well as the American States of Washington, Oregon, California, New Hampshire, Illinois, Virginia, Wisconsin and Texas” Lisa said. If you would like to join us, click here. […]


    1. Thank for joining us with such a great post, Amy! Would you like a list of the times to post each week or a list of who is participating? Just let me know and I’ll get one ready. 🙂


      1. Either will work for readers. When I saw the list that Jo made for her Monday Walk, I thought it was an easy for readers to click and access each entry. Thank you, Lisa!


  8. So wonderful to see the numbers of participants, Lisa! Thank you for the cool project!
    Now I can click and go to their projects 🙂


  9. I love reading stories like this. Watching kids develop through a special activity over many years is such an honor, For those of us who raised kids without fathers in the home, coaches and men like your instructor/pastor are even MORE important! Without such incredible mentors,many kids’ lives would be completely different.

    I always hated when other parents complained about sitting through the football practices and ballet lessons our kids participated in from ages 8 through high school. In my son’s case, 2 of his pop warner football friends played all the way through college with him. Seeing these 3 grow from exuberant youths into thoughtful intelligent men, absolutely defined parenthood for me. Investing a few hours a day to make it happen is the least we can do for our kids!

    I love the idea behind this 1 day 1 world challenge. I need to start participating!


    1. I agree, there are so many great things about watching these kids grow and learn I never complain about attending the practices. His instructor is very aware of the example he sets for the kids and supporting that mentoring relationship is important to us as well.

      I’m glad you are enjoying the 1D1W project and can’t wait to see what you’d like to share!


  10. Of course it is popular – thank you for providing the link again. I love this shot – the reflection is so accurate in the steel glass building. Wonderful composition too, Lisa!

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