iPhoneography Monday: 6-16-14

iPhone Monday 6-16-14

A warm September afternoon and one last chance to feel the sun before fall…

Posted as part of Lens and Pen by Sally’s Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Challenge:  Black and White.

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36 thoughts on “iPhoneography Monday: 6-16-14

  1. Yes! A knockout monochrome silhouette.

    I know that feeling all too well. I never anticipate the oncoming autumn and winter. I live for spring and summer.


  2. Striking! This is a wonderful shot — the black and white, the long shadow, the figure walking away –they all seem to be part of the final sentence of a story. Now I’m wondering what that story was!


  3. The choice of monochrome helps me see various details that enliven the image. I like the way that she is walking into the distance, and the mountains also are in the distance. Very nice capture. Happy Photo Challenge.


    1. Thanks so much, Sally. I photograph these mountains so often from our side of the water it’s about time I make the drive west to see them in person. 🙂 Hopefully later this summer…


  4. aloha NW Frame of Mind. a very cool silhouette shot. i like the push pull, left to right between trees and human form. plus the fading transition within sky and ground areas. all of this keeps my eye circling through out the image, exploring. cool. aloha.


  5. Great shot, Lisa. I like the light on the right and the shadow, both of which add depth and interest. Without the shadow and a bit of light around it, it would be too much of a silhouette for me.



    1. Thanks for sharing your comments, Janet. I took this photo in black and white so my usual workflow of adjusting color had to be adapted and instead I spent more time looking at the shadows and light. I’m glad you like the end result. 🙂


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