Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

Summer Lovin' 1

When I was a kid three activities ruled my summers:  Root Beer popsicles, great books, and riding my bike as fast as possible.  I’m a little afraid to try Root Beer popcicles today for fear they won’t live up to my memories but I always have a book to read and after a long hiatus I can proudly say I haven’t forgotten how to ride a bike.

Lopez is the most bike-friendly island in the San Juan’s and even though I don’t have a bike of my own my sister-in-law arranged for a loaner so I wouldn’t be left out of the fun of a big family ride along the beach.  We filled our backpacks with snacks and followed the twisty island roads for an early evening adventure.   The kids explored the beach skipping rocks and climbing logs while the adults relaxed in the sun until it was time to pedal our way back to the BBQ and dinner.

Summer Lovin' 2

With a view like this I didn’t want the ride to end. 🙂

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48 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

  1. You KNOW I can relate to that! Just came back from. A 31 miler along the samamish river. Loved it! And for me it was cream cicles for the summer. Had one on thE first Seattle to Portland ride and it was heaven. Haven’t had one since fearin it won’t live up tone last one.

    Great post! And love the bike pictures


  2. Totally evocative of summer, those images, Lisa – totally ! I grew up living on a very big bay of a river, and we all had bikes … Lovely shots.


  3. In all the US TV and movies I’ve seen, I’ve never heard of creamsicles, but I am now consumed with curiosity! A friend just brought me back two bars of Theo’s chocolate. I haven’t even cracked them open yet…


    1. You’ll love the Theo’s chocolate! Creamcicles are an orange flavored ice cream bar on a stick with a vanilla cream center. Fruity and delicious. :). If you make it back here to the US again they will be waiting in the grocery stores. 🙂


      1. Thanks! We had a few different Theo’s bars on our last visit, and I told Deb she had to try them too – so of course she brought some back as well – dark choc with Chili, and Fig, Fennel and Almond dark choc (which we had for ‘lunch’ at he Seattle sculpture park, along with a packet of Pop chips – nearly 3 whole years now, and a memorable meal!)


  4. Absolutely stunning view there, Lisa. I could sit for hours there just looking at it. Doesn’t look like it’s too windy too. Root Beer popsicles. I never had that but I loved drinking Root Beer when I was a kid. I think when summer rolls around in Melbourne I will make my own 🙂


    1. I hope you try them when the weather heats up, Mabel. 🙂 I was surprised that evening by the calm air as we usually have a lot of wind off the water but every once in a while we can enjoy the view without hair in our faces. 🙂


  5. I love this! It brought back so many summer memories when I was a kid. Thanks for that gift. Being in Austria, doesn’t leave much room for a good popsicle…not to mention a root beer float or anything of that nature…but italian ice cream from organic milk products is a wonderful substitute . 🙂


  6. Great summer memories. I don’t know that I’ve had root beer popsicles, but I definitely used to ride my bike everywhere, barefooted at that. And I spent long hours absorbed in a good book. Oh those summer days as a kid! I’ve head the San Juan Islands are wonderful!


    1. I felt like we got a small taste of those fun summer days with this trip, just enough to bring back all sorts of memories. 🙂 If you ever make it up to Western Washington the San Juan’s are beautiful and I think you’d have a wonderful visit!


      1. I bet the whole trip was lovely, especially savoring those memories. We thought about coming up that way next week, but because I wasn’t sure I’d have my passport to get into Canada (I had to drop it at the Chinese embassy for a work visa), we changed our plans at the last minute to Puerto Rico. Maybe next year!


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