Another visit to the 2014 Edmonds Scarecrow Festival

Yesterday’s beautiful fall weather was all the encouragement I needed for another walk through town to photograph a few more scarecrows decorating local businesses.  Earlier this week I shared Jack Skellington relaxing by a bank and Salvador Dali looking for inspiration outside an art supply store.  While I have one more art related scarecrow ready for tomorrow, today’s scarecrows are all about travel.  Do you recognize these two?


If you were a teenager or parent in the 1980’s there’s a fairly good chance you saw E.T. The Extra Terrestrial.  Here he is again outside a real estate office looking for a way home…

ESF Rick Steves

I’m sure several of you recognize Rick Steves from his travel shows and guide books but you might not know he lives and works right here in Edmonds. His Travel Center is actually across the street from the small building that used to be his dad’s piano store and where young Rick taught piano lessons to finance his first European travels. Even though the space is now a Pub there is still a piano in the back as a nod to the musical Steves family.

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16 thoughts on “Another visit to the 2014 Edmonds Scarecrow Festival

  1. I did not know that.!! I’m a huge fan of Rick Steves.!! When I was traveling in Europe with my classmates, the running joke throughout our travels was “Where would Rick eat.? What would Rick tour.?” So awesome.!


  2. no, i didn’t know that RS was so close to home. he travels to so many fascinating places. have enjoyed a number of his shows over the years.
    and he makes a great scarecrow, too! thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. Ryan and I had fun laughing at his scarecrow. 🙂 If you ever have the opportunity to sign up for a tour there are frequent meetings and seminars here, just a short trip across the border for you!


  3. When my kids were young we used to go to the fields and make one every year ! I love the lady crow !!
    Miss you Lisa !


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