iPhoneography Monday: 10-27-14

iPhone Monday 10-27-14

October in Edmonds means it’s time for the Edmonds Historical Museum’s annual Scarecrow Festival. Participants have two weeks to decorate and register their creative displays followed by two weeks of public voting before the winners are announced November 1st. The streets around town are full of some really imaginative scarecrows drawn from popular fiction, business themes, the arts and just plain fun but this lonely Jack Skellington sitting in front of the bank was my first photo of the season.

Posted as part of Lens and Pen by Sally’s Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Photo Challenge: Challenger’s Choice (Street Photography).

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40 thoughts on “iPhoneography Monday: 10-27-14

  1. I really like that as a photo, but I find him spooky rather than cute. More photos of scarecrows would be good.
    I notice you use Pinterest – how do you find it. I am thinking of creating an account for my photos.


    1. I think he’s right on the line between spooky and cute, Annette. 🙂 I do use Pinterest to share my photos and find it easy to get around but I don’t spend a lot of time there. My pins from the blog get some traffic but the busiest boards on my page are recipes I’ve gathered from other sites. 🙂


  2. This looks like a very friendly scary. It looks as if he’s smiling. With that hat, he looks like one of Santa’s buddies 🙂 Happy Scarecrow festival, and Happy Halloween 🙂


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