iPhoneography Monday: Nature (Pike Place Market Flowers in December)

iPhone Monday 1-5-15

The long arcade full of beautiful bouquets and local flower vendors is one of my favorite parts of Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA but our wet winter days mean these farmers need to be creative if they want to fill their shelves year round.  Once the fall flower season has passed most booths transition to fragrant greens and dried flowers and the prices can’t be beat with large arrangements starting as low as $10.00.  Early tulips will be here before we know it and if you’re in Seattle on the first day of Spring I hope you’ll get a chance to join the fun as market volunteers and community members pass out 10,000 daffodils to lucky people around the Downtown core.

For more images of nature viewed through mobile devices please visit Lens and Pen by Sally’s delightful weekly challenge.

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42 thoughts on “iPhoneography Monday: Nature (Pike Place Market Flowers in December)

  1. I enjoy your street photography and how you captured the vendor standing in the background. Do you ask before taking the photos or do you just take them? I wish I could be in Seattle to get a daffodil. One day, I’ll make it to Seattle.


    1. If I’m close to the person I’ll ask if I can take their picture but in the case of this flower vendor I was focusing on the long run of flowers and it wasn’t until I cropped the photo that I noticed how prominent she was. She’s my favorite part of the image now and I wish we had a chance to talk…maybe next time. If you make it up to Seattle let me know and we’ll meet at the market. 🙂

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    1. The prices are wonderful, Janet and I can’t help but think about how hard these farmers work for each bundle of flowers. Their results are always pretty and last at home for much longer than grocery store flowers.


      1. True. 😦 My husband really misses his Sounder Train/Bike commute to Kent. The connections were close but the view and exercise were fantastic. Now he’s in a carpool and logs a lot of freeway miles…

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