Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale (Dragons in Chinatown) B&W Challenge 4


One of my favorite public art installations in Seattle is the series of 11 Chinese dragons twisting and turning their way across light poles in Chinatown’s International District. Under the direction of chief designer Martin Brunt it took a team of sculptors, painters, boat builders and a feng shui expert two years to complete the 300 lb dragons and though the intricate details and carefully pained scales look delicate they are designed to withstand winds up to 90 mph.

This is my 4th image for the Black & White 5 Day Challenge and is posted as part of the Weekly Photo Challenge:  Scale.

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51 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale (Dragons in Chinatown) B&W Challenge 4

  1. Great shot for scale – and the feel of the radiating lines – from the dragon – gives it more interest –
    and actually, the scales to the right and even the point from the bird just had me feeling the composition here –
    and I look forward to seeing the color version as well –


      1. It was a great photograph really. Frameable. If you saw the horrible photos that hang in hotels here! I always wonder how to crack that market.


      2. I would LOVE TOO!! I will ask my son. Work such as yours would fit in any Asian Hotel in the world. Whimsical and worldly and arty. The place I was in last week had amateur macro photos of rain drops on leaves in every room , hallway and lobby. They were really poor. How did this petdon luck out is the question?


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