Black & White Challenge Day 3: Chinese Zodiac

B&W Day 3

Looking down at the sidewalk can be just as interesting as looking up at the buildings in Seattle’s International District.  This brass inlay of the Chinese Zodiac is set into the sidewalk along Maynard and I’m continuing my Black & White Challenge walk through Chinatown with this photo in honor of the upcoming Chinese New Year and the Year of the Goat/Sheep.

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15 thoughts on “Black & White Challenge Day 3: Chinese Zodiac

  1. Monkeys rule. I like your stuff, and your blog. Just happened upon it as I’m a newbie to blogging, still learning what is what. Can you tell me if you can put a logo in your header? I like the design of your blog, with separate boxes for each post.


    1. Hi badfish. Thanks for your visit today and it’s nice to hear you like my posts. It is possible to customize the header in Ubud so I think you should be able to add a logo. The forums are full of great advice if you want a little more information before trying it yourself. 🙂


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