iPhoneography Tuesday: Nature’s Cycle in the Tulip Fields

iPhone Tuesday 5-5-15

The showy blooms have faded and it’s back to work for these hardy rows of tulips.  The Roozengaarde family has farmed tulips in Holland and the US since the early 1700’s and their 1,000 acre farm in the Skagit Valley is filled with tulip, daffodil and iris fields earning them the title of the largest flower bulb growers in the United States.

Posted today as part of Lens and Pen by Sally’s weekly Phoneography Challenge:  Nature.

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38 thoughts on “iPhoneography Tuesday: Nature’s Cycle in the Tulip Fields

  1. Poor tulips, all on the ground but this is a beautiful photo. Love the perspective. Even the best fall down sometimes 🙂 Happy spring, enjoy the weather 🙂


    1. Thanks, Mabel. 🙂 You’re right, even the best fall every once in a while… Our weather is a little crazy right now with rain, thunderstorms and sun but there are pretty opportunities everywhere for new photos. I hope your fall is going well!


      1. Crazy weather is good…more kinds of photos usually come out of that. Enjoy, but stay safe. It’s getting icy cold here sadly, but finally the leaves on trees are changing colours 🙂

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