Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Black and White Succulent

iPhone Wednesday 5-20

I’m always looking for something new to share as part of Sally’s weekly mobile photography challenge and while some weeks find me stretching for ideas other days an interesting composition is literally in front of my face.  This little succulent was part of a pretty display of air plants hanging in the middle of a shopping mall in Bellevue, WA and today it’s my entry for Black and White week.

Photo taken with my iPhone 6 using the Hipstamatic combination of Kamial Mark II & D-type Plate.

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23 thoughts on “Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Black and White Succulent

  1. Lisa, I like the gentle and soft tones of the monochrome. It makes my think about the plumb qualities of the succulent itself and how they seem to spread their “wings” to soak up the sun. Happy Photo Challenge.


  2. This is just stunning. I also struggle to come up with something new for Sally’s challenges (and often fail), but am constantly impressed by your posts. Awesome!


  3. Beautiful composition, Lisa. Love how you can see the texture and lines on the leaves even after being put through the app. Remarkable. I never really paid much attention to succulents. Next time I see one, I will snap a photo and turn it into black and white 😀


  4. Lisa, I agree that the B&W highlights different aspects of the succulent that we probably don’t normally focus on. The ease with which we can turn a photo into black and white and then back again makes all of this so much more fun!



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