Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Black & White (Into the Forest)

A few weeks ago I shared the slightly embarrassing fact that sometimes I take a picture of where I’ve parked my car so I won’t lose it in a crowded garage but I didn’t mention that I also take photos of trail signs whenever we are out for a hike.  I’m pretty sure that these signs wouldn’t be much help if we were lost but they certainly help me identify where we’ve been months later if my file isn’t labeled properly.    Also I can’t resist anything that announces we are now in the wilderness…

iPhone Tuesday 10-20

A misty shot of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness sign on the way to Mason Lake, posted for Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge:  Black and White.

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22 thoughts on “Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Black & White (Into the Forest)

  1. I love pictures of trail signs, signposts and whatnot. It’s a funny, impulsive habit of mine that a few of my photographer friends share and we just agree it’s an enjoyable way to look back and remember different parts of a trail. They always look really good in collages or arrangements with your best or favorite images, too. Someday I’ll put all of my wilderness sign pictures together and see how many different wilderness areas I’ve visited. A lot of them will be from Alpine Lakes Wilderness, which covers such a big area around here!


    1. A collage arrangement is a great idea. 🙂 One of my favorite wilderness signs is along the Artist Point trail at the end of the Mount Baker Highway. “you are now entering the wilderness”. Now I’ve got to go look for my picture…


  2. The woods look so remote, I think I would feel reassured that once, long ago, another human had been there to post that sign! Can you tell I’m not a hiker? 🙂


  3. Lisa, I take images of signs or similar information so that I know the name of a plant at a botanical garden or the street where I have taken a photograph. But taking signs of where you are in the wilderness is a smart one. Often when I am walking in a new protected area, I memorize signs from the wildlife, but your idea will be embedded for the next hike. You image shows the beauty in the simplest of scenes of nature, and how the light plays such an important role. Happy Photo Challenge.


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