Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Challenger’s Choice (Shades of Finn)

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve joined Sally’s weekly photography challenge but I’m ready to end the year on a high note and jump right back in with two images for this week’s theme of challenger’s choice (animals).

When I opened our Etsy store in November I knew it would mean a lot of extra work and that my hands would have to make a choice each evening between blogging and creating something new to list in the shop but sometimes these two endeavors can coexist and last night I found a way to do both.

Of all the things John and I have learned to make this year and of all the big ideas we have on our future “to do/to learn” list I never expected these little wool dryer balls to be our most viewed and best-selling item.   I hand-roll each ball but my fingers can only take so much winding before cramps set in so after each ball I take a little rest to shake things out.  Last night I discovered this is just the right amount of time to edit a photo so today you get to see my break-time handiwork.

I like both images for different reasons so since I missed last week’s black and white challenge I decided to go ahead and share the pair.  The original photo was taken over Christmas weekend with my iPhone 6 while Finn was waiting for John to come back inside.  The black and white was edited in VSCO cam using the LV2 preset while the color version was edited in Oggl using Ray Mark II and Estrada 83. I like elements in each photo but would love to hear what you think.  Black and white or color?

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37 thoughts on “Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Challenger’s Choice (Shades of Finn)

  1. Lisa, I really love both photos. You caught so much expression. I’m also intrigued by the wool dryer balls! Have to look at them more closely when I’m not getting ready to leave for work, but I’d love to talk about Etsy sometime, too, if you have time.



    1. Thanks so much for your comments, Janet. These little dryer balls are a great addition to our laundry routine – it’s nice when something simple and natural can reduce our energy use. I’d be happy to talk about Etsy anytime. If you’d like to send me an email we can set up how – via additional messages or the phone. 🙂


  2. p.s. Those dryer balls look great! I can’t wait to get back to Vegas so I can shop your store without worrying about cross-border shipping and duties and taxes. Good stuff you’ve got going on, Lisa!


    1. I wish it was easier but cross-border shipping really is a pain. 😦 Nice that you can make the best of both countries options though between Toronto and Las Vegas. 🙂 Once we’ve had time to source and test more supplies we have a nice line of candles and home decor planned so stay tuned for upcoming announcements!


  3. Instantly, I fell for your Finn and his pensive expression. I’m drawn to the color, because it has a palette that gives more details about Finn’s face and mood. I’ve missed you, but it sounds as though you have been multi-talking and productive. At some point when you have a minute, I’d really like to hear about your experience with Etsy. Maybe you can e-mail me. I’ve been considering options. Delighted to have you back and joining the challenge’s community. Happy memories ahead in the New Year. Happy Photo Challenge.


    1. Thanks so much, Sally. I’ve missed you and your weekly challenge too. I’m hoping the new year brings more opportunity for balance so I can continue to explore this wonderful community while keeping the rest of my schedule in order.

      Finn’s face and eyes are very expressive and it’s fun to share some of his quieter moods. It’s so nice to hear you appreciate them too. 🙂

      I’ll send you an email shortly to connect regarding Etsy, my experiences so far have been very positive. There is a steep learning curve but plenty of resources available and some fantastic fellow sellers that are always willing to help us newbies.


  4. I like the color version better. Some of the detail in Finn’s fur gets lost in the black and white. Finn seems to “glow” a bit more in the color version. Both are great pics, though. Regarding your dryer balls, do they help with static cling? I think they’re beautiful!

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    1. Thanks for your comments regarding the two photos, color seems to be the winner today! The dryer balls can help slightly with static cling but their real impact is reduced drying time and gentle softening without using chemical dryer sheets. 🙂 It’s fun to hear you like how they look, I enjoy the winding/curving pattern in the yarn too. 🙂

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  5. Black & White. That is a really great photo of Finn. Being a dog whisper myself, I sense that Finn is thinking that a scratch behind the ears would be a great way to rest your hands between rolling the wool dryer balls. 🙂


  6. So many things to say, Lisa! I saw you by chance as I read Sally’s post, and thought I had time for a quick hello 🙂 I love the way your page now displays so we can read more than one feature from the Home page (and select which to comment on, in my case 🙂 ) I’m also impressed with your Etsy business. The woollen balls seem a great idea, though I don’t own a dryer. I really like those scarves too. Lastly, let me wish you health, happiness and good luck with the business in 2016! 🙂

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    1. It’s so nice to hear from you, Jo! All my best for a wonderful New Year to you as well! It’s great to hear you like the easy to read aspects of my latest theme choice. I picked it for exactly the reasons you described in an effort to make things smoother for my readers. :).

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  7. I like the B&W for its focus on the texture of Finn’s fur and the lacy curtain … but I think I prefer the color shot because I can see more detail of Finn’s sweet expression. And the colors of the processing are … well, pretty! Happy New Year, Lisa … I hope 2016 is a great one for you guys!


  8. You really captured the waiting moment, we pup owners know so well. I do like the color image the violet shadows contrast nicely with Finns fur.
    Happy New Year
    Good luck with your store 🙂


    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Allan. I think I like the color best too or I would have stopped after the black and white and not tried for one more image. Just to keep it interesting there will be one more photo from this group coming in a few days as part of my next “Shake It Up” post. It’s the initial “random” shot that started me thinking about what else I could do with the pose.


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