2019 The Year of Comfort: Week 5

If you’ve read a few of these 2019 posts you’ve probably noticed each title begins with the same “2019 The Year of” then changes to a short descriptive phrase from the past week.  In the past I’ve tried to keep yearly project titles more consistent but my objective with this new year of photos and weekly recaps is to explore how many times my point of view changes in a year.  I may start a January project with the intention to focus on one motivation but it inevitable slips and adjusts as life happens and months change.  This time around I decided trust and record my first instinct as I began typing each new post.  Some titles may seem a bit odd but it’s been a good exercise to acknowledge what I actually thought of the past week instead of simply noting what I’d planned for it.

The comfort aspect to this week’s photos reflects my last week of quiet rest at home.  I was feeling better but still needed to conserve my energy so you see a focus on soft colors and comfort surroundings.  I went out for short walks and enjoyed some pretty winter sunsets, icy blue water, pretty flowers, boats all in a row and a wintry shot of Finn comfortable in his fleece bed.

Editing choices this week are all from Hipstamatic.  If you like the lens/filter/flash combinations above I usually try to list them in each Instagram post but you can also ask me a question in the comments and I’ll be happy to share the details.

As with past year-long photo challenges I don’t plan to post here every day, I’ll save that for my Instagram and Twitter accounts, but you faithful blog readers will get one weekly recap every Sunday.


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8 thoughts on “2019 The Year of Comfort: Week 5

  1. I love that shot of the Mukilteo ferry dock with the roses! I’ve been doing watercolors lately, and these unexpected colors just sing! I hope you are feeling well.


    1. Thanks, D’Arcy! The ferry and roses shot has been far and away the Instagram favorite this week. Actually the favorite of the year so far. 🙂 It’s great to hear you’ve been painting lately and I agree, we see the same sights every day but looking at them in new ways, with new colors adds some excitement back into the mix. I’m feeling much better, thanks for asking!

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      1. Lisa, would you give me permission to do a watercolor of the ferry scene? I completely understand if you’d rather not, but it never hurts to ask! I would credit your photo as inspiration. I don’t sell my work (yet), but I hope to someday soon, if you’re wondering.

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