2019 The Year of Crisp White Snow and Icy Blue Skies: Week 6

What a change from last week’s soft pinks and rosy afternoons! This week passed by in a frozen shade of blue all due to a sudden return of winter.  We’ve had snow days, ice coated roadways and a first for this blog, icicles.  Brrrr

All the images above are from my yard with the exception of the icy road photo so I guess it’s no surprise I’m feeling restless and housebound when that’s what waits for me at the end of our driveway.  After two weeks of quiet rest I was ready to go out and resume life but instead I’m watching weather reports, trying to figure out how long this school year will be once all the snow days are factored in and feeling generally a little grumpy.

All is not bad though, we’ve got a warm house, plenty of food, stacks of books to read and some dry wood ready for a nice warm fire.  So instead of focusing on what’s gone wrong here let’s turn things around.  I’d love to hear how your week was!

Editing note:  All photos were taken with my iPhone and the first six images were edited with Hipstamatic using the Anne-Marie + Hackney + Cadet Blue Gel combination.  The final image was edited in Snapseed.

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23 thoughts on “2019 The Year of Crisp White Snow and Icy Blue Skies: Week 6

  1. What a month, and it’s not even half over! What I love most about the snow is how it lights up the interior of our house. Makes for some beautiful photos, too. But I’m over it and I want spring! I take it you do, too.

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    1. What a month indeed, D’Arcy! I like the interior light too and also the quiet hush outside when snow dampens the sounds but am so over the inconvience right now. ;(


  2. It’s beautiful, Lisa. 🙂 You have everything you need to be snowed in. Do you have tea as well? That would make it just perfect. We haven’t had a lot of snow, but about a week ago, it was 50 below with wind chill and then the next day about 25 below. I stayed in the first day with books and tea (and some work), but the second day I went to the library and Aldi. 🙂 Necessities, you understand.

    I’ve been working a lot more than usual but I’ve worked in plenty of tea and reading. Plenty of things to do around the house and getting ready for taxes. Never a dull moment, is there? Tomorrow morning I’m off for a walk in the park, where I haven’t been for much too long.

    Hope you have a good week!


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    1. Tea and reading sound like a perfect way to spend these chilly winter days, Janet! Of course work and taxes get in the way of full relaxation but it’s nice to get things done. 🙂 I hope you enjoy your walk in the park!

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  3. Glad to hear you are feeling better, Lisa, and are nurturing a positive outlook. Keep up the good work ❤
    We had considerable hyp about big snows to come… and, that’s all we got, only a promise. Our edge of town received only a few moments of flakes with none sticking. I am so disappointed.
    Stay well and be cozy ☃️

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    1. My sister in Forest Grove is disappointed too, Jane but we’ve had our fill here. It’s now the snowiest February on record in Seattle and it’s only the 11th… Maybe you’ll still get some snowfall before winter ends!


  4. A foot of snow total here in the Gorge. Had very cold temps too this last week. What happens with this next system depends on how warm or cold it will be. We’ll either have a couple inches of rain or another foot of snow. But a warm home, stocked pantry, good company, and books make it all good. Stay warm.

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    1. Brrrr! We’re staying warm here and are looking at the same mixed news forecast. Could be a foot of snow or a whole lot of rain by tomorrow morning. We’ll have to wait and see!

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  5. I’ve been hearing about the snow and freezing you’re experiencing and I could hardly imagine! I’m so glad you posted these beautiful photos, Lisa. What an unusual experience. It was 36 degrees in Los Angeles this morning at 8 am. That NEVER happens! We are cold, and think about how far south we are from where you live! I know it’s ridiculous to talk about “cold” in relation to the midwest, but it’s the anomaly of it that fascinates me. I suppose you’re wondering how long your snow will last, and perhaps you’re already sick of it, but it’s very pretty! At least there’s beauty in the inconvenience? LOL!

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    1. Wow, Debra 36 degrees is COLD for Los Angeles! I was hopeful our snow would end tonight but as of 9:30 pm it’s looking like our area is still in the cold-zone and not warming up anytime soon. 😦 But you’re right, it does give me a chance to take some new photos!


    1. We were having a mild winter too, Linda up until last weekend. 🙂 Temps that change up to 30 degrees in the winter is tough though, I hope you can stay healthy!


  6. I’m definitely enjoying the snow, getting out on snowshoes in the neighborhood doesn’t happen very often. But like you, I’m wondering what the rest of the school year will look like with all these days off. Thank goodness we already have next week off because I think there are a few more snowflakes in the forecast!

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    1. Now that school is cancelled again tomorrow I’m really starting to worry about how this year is going to end! It’s great to hear you’ve enjoyed snowshoeing in the neighborhood though. 🙂

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