2019 The Year of Mountain Tops and Flowers: Week 9

It’s sunday afternoon and the sun is shining but the air is still too cold for comfort and I am really ready for winter to be over.  I know the calendar says we’re a few days into March and warmer days are coming soon so I’m pinning new PNW hikes to my Pinterest page and when some of the mountain snow melts we’ll be off to new adventures and happy trails.

If you’re interested in PNW hiking, west coast road trips, easy but tasty recipes and plenty of fresh new cocktails there’s plenty to see on my Northwest Frame of Mind Pinterest page. Is anyone here on Pinterest?  I’m looking for new boards to follow and would love to join some like-minded pinners!

Since I didn’t travel to a beautiful mountainside this week I’ve resorted to perusing photos from last summer and editing my favorites in this vintage-look combination from Hipstamatic.  If you’re interested in which processes I used just ask in the comments, I’m happy to share my steps.

What do you do when the weather is too cold to enjoy being outside but you’ve got a bad case of cabin fever.  I turn up the heat, look through favorite pictures and make plans for our eventual return to outdoor living.


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6 thoughts on “2019 The Year of Mountain Tops and Flowers: Week 9

  1. Love that header shot, Lisa!! I understand about wanting spring to come. Today it’s sunny but at 1:30 pm it’s only 12 and feels like -5 with wind chill. Sigh. What did I do today? Went to the gym, library, and Trader Joe’s, then just got back from running one more errand I needed to do today. Books, tea, and watching a Midsomer Murders episode on Netflix with my husband, then tonight we have to go up to church as we’re leading a Financial Peace University class.

    Have a wonderful week!


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    1. Hmm… gym, library and Trader Joe’s followed by books, tea and Netflix. Are you sure we aren’t long lost twins! 🙂 Your cold temps are a lot chillier than ours today though, stay warm!

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  2. I think what I do best when it’s cold is start dreaming of the garden when it gets warmer! I’m missing my outdoor routines, Lisa, but I can’t bring myself to really complain. We have needed this rain so much, and I can’t imagine it will go on much longer. We’ll see! You have lovely photographs in your archive! I’m sure it won’t be long be for you’re back out there in full force.

    I love Pinterest, and yes I have boards. I just followed yours, so if you’re interested I think you can follow back from there. I can get lost on that site. Now that you mention it, that’s a very good activity for a cold day. 🙂

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    1. I just found you on Pinterest Debra and know am going to enjoy seeing your pins. We share plenty of the same interests! Yep, a great place to get lost on a cold day… 😉 I’m so happy your drought is officially over, it must feel great to watch the rain now knowing it is like insurance against the next dry spell.


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