2019 The Year of This and That: Week 10

Have you ever had a week that felt busy in the moment but didn’t result in a list of accomplishments?  My best case scenario for a week like this is that everyone made it through without any major problems and each busy day lead to something good later so by this metric I’ll call last week a success.  Yay!  I took steps toward bigger goals, put out plenty of fires and used my photo sharing time to feature some favorites from the past year that didn’t fit into an overall weekly theme.  In other words “a bit of this and that.”

My photo choices were little glimpses into things that made me happy; some pretty garden flowers, a forest road, a hiking trail, fluffy white clouds and an iconic PNW beach scene filled with driftwood logs.  All images taken with my iPhone 8+ edited in Hipstamatic or VSCO.

A fun side note:  posting so many hiking photos led me to design a new hiking T-shirt available now in my Etsy store.  All I need is some warmer weather and John, Ryan and I will be hitting the trails in style.

Northwest Frame of Mind on Etsy

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13 thoughts on “2019 The Year of This and That: Week 10

  1. I like the design on your new t-shirts, Lisa. And I definitely relate to the way you describe your week. We are so involved in the lives of grandchildren and my mother that we primarily see our roles as the gap-fillers! Some weeks all we do is a little bit of this and that. LOL! But any week that doesn’t throw a boulder in my path is a good one! 🙂

    Your photos are great. I also find that fuchsia absolutely stunning!

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    1. Gap-fillers is a great description, Debra! And sometimes that’s just fine with me, especially if there wasn’t any boulders. 😉 I’m happy to hear you like the t-shirts and my fingers are crossed that fuscia comes back again this spring after all of our snow…


  2. Loving your photography! I kind of abandoned Hipstamatic when I started shooting with film cameras again, but your images inspire me to give Hipstamatic another go. My husband and I were so lucky to spend five weeks in the PNW last year, and your blog really takes me back to that special place. Great Etsy shop too! — Marsi (blog/etsy shop/FB @westwardwewander)

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    1. Hi Marsi! It’s so nice to meet you here, thanks for the visit and kind words! I really enjoy Hipstamatic (as you can see) and find I go to it alot in the winter. Maybe it’s because our natural colors are more muted? I’ll have to think on that… I do miss the one-shot aspect of film photography though and am interested in experimenting again. 5 weeks sounds like a great amount of time to explore the PNW, enough to really get a feel for the place!

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