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Michelle W. – The Daily Prompt

My usual approach to a Daily Prompt post is to trust my instincts and write about the first thing that comes to mind.  This rule isn’t working for me today though as I am struck by so many different ways to respond to the challenge of showing art. I’m not sure how to choose a focus or if I even want to raise one form of art over another as my ideal representation.  I could dust off my Art History degree to write a serious post about how art and it’s appreciation  evolves with societal changes and the passage of time, but maybe a few photos of some favorite or ground-breaking pieces would communicate my point more clearly.  Of course I also love gardening and nature so images of the land and plants should represent another form of art. If I expand my thoughts a little more there is dance, literature, music, theater and photography to consider.  Even a great speech is part of the arts experience when delivered with emotion and honesty.

Instead of spending all night looking for the elusive, perfect photograph to portray my ever shifting vision of art I decided to post a picture that just makes me happy.  It shows a great ending to a beautiful day with family, yes another form of art, and I hope you like it.


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