Phoneography Monday 7-22-13

Phoneography Monday 7-22-13

A little over two years ago our house was robbed and though the thieves emptied my jewelry boxes they left the glass dish shown above.  I’m sure it looked like nothing to them but it means a lot to me as I brought this piece home from my Grandparents house after their memorial. It sits quietly on the top of my dresser collecting those little things that add up at the end of the day.  Over time I’ve replaced a few of the lost items like the carved wood heart from Ryan in the center of the photograph and continue to add new tiny treasures. My wedding ring and a pair of earrings were the only pieces of jewelry I was wearing that fateful day and I purposefully place them in this dish every night as my reminder that our family’s peace, security and traditions will carry on no matter what comes our way.

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33 thoughts on “Phoneography Monday 7-22-13

    1. Thank you Sally. I almost posted the photo without the story but in the end decided this one deserved an explanation. It is more than just a pretty picture to me, thanks for letting me know you get it.

  1. I love this! And I love how special the dish is to you… Perhaps more than the jewelry themselves. Robberies are terrible but they do help one realize all he or she is thankful for/ what is most meaningful to them. Wonderful post for the challenge!

  2. I like the composition as well as what it stands for and I’m glad you included the story. It’s that mix of words and photo that I just mentioned in my response to your comment on my post. When I’m gone, I have some places I stash my jewelry, places a burglar is unlikely to think of or even to get to. An attic was great for that but our rental house doesn’t have one, so time to rethink. 🙂


    1. You’re so right Janet, I think mixing words and photos brings a new element of fun to posts. Now my husband likes to hide things in the pots and pans when we leave the house for more than a day, our attic is too hard to get into!

      1. That’s one reason I chose the attic. And anyone venturing that far would certainly give up when they saw all the boxes.

        I read your comment too quickly and thought your husband hid the pots and pans, which I thought a bit extreme. I feel better now that I re-read a bit more slowly. 🙂

  3. Although it happened to me so long ago, I am always uncomfortable leaving my house for a few days. But, being at home doesn’t even stop some people. I know how extremely violated I felt.

    It is a beautiful picture, and I am glad you shared the story to go with it.

    I am so happy that the keepsake from you Grandparent’s home was an unknown treasure to the burglars, and remained in your possession. I have a keepsake that is similar and I would be heartbroken to lose it. Mine is a small pitcher and plate that it sits in. My grandmother broke the plate, and my grandfather glued it back together. That’s how much it meant to them.

    1. Rob, thanks for your nice comments today. I am sorry to hear you share the same scary and sad experience. The small keepsakes certainly do mean a lot and I’m happy you have a special set to remind you of your grandparents.

  4. Stunning shot and sorry to hear about the robbery hon. Happened to us as well a year ago but they preferred my pc. Luckily hubby is an IT tech and it was replaced quickly. I have a little box like this as too but I am not huge on wearing jewelery but there are some sentimental pieces in there as well that’s not worth much, only to me. 😀

    1. I’m sorry to hear it happened to you too Sonel. The small yet sentimental pieces are the ones that are hard to let go since I know their lack of resale value meant the robbers just threw them away. What a shame!

      1. I totally agree hon and I was furious. My pc could be replaced but not all my photo’s. I was more sad about them than anything else. I still can’t understand how strangers think they can just come into your home, invade your privacy and take what’s not theirs.

  5. I like your last words very much: “as my reminder that our family’s peace, security and traditions will carry on no matter what comes our way…!”

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