Travel Theme: Tilted

Alisa’s current travel theme challenges us to show images illustrating the word Tilted.  I spent a few days looking through my archives and finally chose two photos from summer vacations that were a little off kilter…

Tilted 1

I really admire the tenacious nature of these tough pine trees surviving on the edges of the San Juan Islands.  We spent a fun few days camping here on Sucia but a storm during our last night on the island caused a bit of trouble. The aftermath  was the subject of my post Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape.

Tilted 2

We shared a few hot, sticky summer days with my sister in Oregon before packing a picnic and driving to the coast for some cooler temperatures.  My photo featured in the Weekly Photo Challenge:  Kiss is from that afternoon.  When we got back I couldn’t believe it had been so hot the red candle melted on the patio…

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