Phoneography Monday: Black and White 9-16-13

Phoneography Monday 3 9-16-13

Phoneography Monday 1 9-16-13

The third Monday of every month is dedicated to Black and White Phoneography over at Lens and Pen by Sally.  I spent some time with my photo files this morning looking for something interesting to contribute and was surprised by how many pictures of wheels I took this summer.  They vary in size, shape, function and age but each one captured my attention while I was out with my family walking on the beach or simply running errands.

The first image is of a ship’s wheel etched into a brick wall at the Edmonds waterfront and the second is from a piece of old farm equipment I came across while we were shopping for our stone steps.

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24 thoughts on “Phoneography Monday: Black and White 9-16-13

  1. Rats!!! My Desolation Wilderness black & white barn picture was a day early. Very cool picture of a piece of farm(?) equipment.


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