Phoneography Monday: Nature 10-7-13

iPhoneography Monday 10-7-13

I’m home from a fun-filled family trip just in time to participate in Lens and Pen by Sally’s Phoneography Challenge:  Nature.  Last Wednesday I posted a photo looking up through some late summer flowers and today I thought I would show you a view of the same planting bed looking down toward ground level instead of up to the sky.  I didn’t even move my feet between the shots but one looks like a perfect summer day and today’s reminds me fall is really here.

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24 thoughts on “Phoneography Monday: Nature 10-7-13

  1. You sound sad that fall is here. The picture is interesting together with Wednesday picture, so different from each other in the colour toning and the mood you have towards each of them.


      1. Yes do 🙂 It is always sunny here, difference of whether it rains or not. I do not understand the change in emotions that the seasons bring… that is perhaps a pity.


      2. We have long sunny days in the summer with light from 5am to 10pm but the winter hours mean as much as 8 hours less light with heavy cloud cover during the day. I miss the sun but it is a chance to enjoy different things. We adapt. 🙂


      3. oh my… I would quite enjoy long sunny days if temperatures are moderate enough to walk the dog 😛 our daylight typically runs on 12 hr cycles give or take an hour 7am-7pm. I hate picking poop at night but that’s when it’s cooler to walk. Haha~ Will you get snow in your area?


      4. Yes we usually have snow and a lot of ice which is pretty too but makes getting around difficult. I fill the house with groceries and enjoy the chance to slow down. 🙂


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