Wishing my beautiful Grandma Emma a happy 96th birthday.

Grandma Emma

Last year my entire family and several hundred good friends gathered in Eastern Washington to celebrate Grandma’s 95th birthday and today I am thrilled to say we can wish her a happy 96.  Her feisty spirit, good heart and caring personality have carried her through a life full of twists and turns with both beauty and grace.

Keep your chin up and keep smiling Grandma, we love you!

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70 thoughts on “Wishing my beautiful Grandma Emma a happy 96th birthday.

      1. Excellent… my mom is just turning 80 and is off to Santiago on her own very soon to cruise to Sydney across the South Pacific. Nutters, the lot of ’em, eh? 😀


  1. Happy Birthday Mom! I love celebrating your day with you.
    Ninety six years of fun, wisdom, support, and love is a gift to treasure.


  2. Lisa,

    Thank you so much for doing this for mom! I’ll share this with her. She’ll be tickled. She plans to spend this afternoon in the recreation room at Riverton watching the Seahawks in the Super Bowl and sharing the remaining half of her chocolate birthday cake with the folks at her table at dinner. We took her out to lunch and took care of the first half of the cake. Debbie was in charge of the cake, so you can imagine how chocolatey rich it is.

    Uncle gary


  3. That’s some going! 🙂 I went to visit my husband’s 97 year old aunt in the nursing home today. Her body’s still willing but the memory’s gone walkabout. Happy birthday to your lovely Grandma 🙂


    1. Thank you Jo. 🙂 I’ll share your good wishes with Grandma and am happy you were still able to visit with your husband’s Aunt even if her memory wasn’t all there. I like to believe they still get comfort from family. 🙂


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