Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Editing and Processing (Polariod Past and Present)

iPhone Thursday 9-3

Some weeks really make me work to find an interesting subject for Sally’s mobile photo challenge but the process is also part of the appeal and when it pushes me to wring the last bit of inspiration from my surroundings I count it as a win. This week I thought I had a fun photo ready to share but news of my Grandma Emma’s death Wednesday morning brought a change in plans.  I didn’t feel like posting the happy photo of a kite flying on Whidbey Island but at the same time I didn’t want the week to end without trying something new.

Many of you have read at least one of my posts about Grandma Emma and her 96th and 97th Virtual Birthday cards are the second and third most viewed posts here at Northwest Frame of Mind.  Grandma loved receiving your birthday wishes from around the world and after the first one she even posed for a photo next to the post to share long-distance how much she enjoyed seeing herself on the computer.  Some of my favorite family memories are of posing for photos with Grandma, listening to her outrageous comments designed to make us smile and playing with her Polaroid camera.

The photo I’d planned to post today was taken during our August “staycation” and processed with a new favorite app, Polamatic by Polaroid.  Instead of walking away from my original idea I decided to keep the theme intact but trade the photo for two 1975 Polaroids of my brother and I with Grandma followed by an edit in Polaroid’s new digital version to tie the past and the present together.

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