iPhoneography Monday: 2-3-14

iPhone Monday 2-3-14

Saturday afternoon John, Ryan and I laced up our hiking shoes and set out to explore Southwest County Olympic View Park.  This 120 acre parcel was owned and logged in the early 1900’s by Pope and Talbot before they transferred ownership to the University of Washington who eventually granted the property to the City of Edmonds in 1971 under the conditions that it be managed as a passive woodland open space.  The hiking trails are overgrown logging skids lined with enormous old growth stumps, covered in moss and hosting vibrant new trees and ferns.  If you look closely at the right side of the stump above the buckboard notch cut by the early loggers is still visible.

Today’s post is part of Lens and Pen by Sally’s Phoneography Challenge:  Nature.

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36 thoughts on “iPhoneography Monday: 2-3-14

  1. Lisa,
    That is a very cool picture!!! I have never seen a tree growing on top of the stump of another tree. Mother Nature is truly amazing. Your picture was a nice diversion from the gray cube walls and Murphy’s Law.


      1. We need it – especially after a wallaby broke in to the fenced bit of garden, and ate the leaves off 3 strawberry plants…a fair bit of what little green there was!


  2. I just looked up this park and the surrounding geography on Google Maps. I didn’t realize that you were so close to the Salish Sea. I visited Vancouver numerous times when I grew up in BC but I never got to cross the border into Washington, and was always fascinated with your state. You’re in a beautiful area.


    1. Thanks Allan, yes we are really close to the Salish Sea and I’m happy to hear you think it is a beautiful area. You can probably tell I agree from all of my photos. 😉 Growing up I could see the lights from Grouse Mountain in BC from my room, Bellingham Bay and Lummi Island from the front yard and Mt. Baker from the backyard. The views certainly spoiled me because now I need to see both mountains and sea at the same time to feel truly at home.


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