Travel Theme: Meeting Places

Meeting Places

There’s nothing quite like the mix of summer weather, interesting beaches and kids with plenty of imagination and time on their hands.  Driftwood forts are a common sight on Lopez Island and each beach we visited had at least one great structure ready and waiting for the next group to meet up and play until bedtime…

Posted as part of the Weekly Travel Theme:  Meeting Places.

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25 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Meeting Places

  1. My grandkids spend whole days building driftwood shack son the beach when they come to visit. Wonderful creations.


  2. I’ve seen these on the Pacific Rim on Vancouver Island, one question, does anyone ever get injured building these? They look as though they could quite easily collapse. Saying that, if I was a kid I’d love to mess around with all that driftwood.


    1. I’m sure there are injuries, Jude as the logs roll around a lot but usually they are a little lighter than green wood so we don’t hear about many problems. Walking on slippery logs is a whole different story, lots of injuries there…


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