iPhoneography Monday: 7-28-14

iPhone Monday 7-28-14


Today I’m taking Sally’s 4th Monday Challenger’s Choice prompt literally and posting a  goofy family vacation shot as part of the Street Photography category.  Walking back from a lazy summer afternoon at the pool can be just as much fun as playing in the water if you get to follow Ryan and my brother Erich wearing their super hero beach towel capes. 🙂

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44 thoughts on “iPhoneography Monday: 7-28-14

    1. I thought the pink tote added a nice touch too, Andra. 🙂 The frog towel has been Ryan’s favorite since his first swim class almost 10 years ago… I’ll tell him you’re a fan. 🙂


  1. This is a great scene! Ryan and Erich will love this photo forever. Can you imagine them finding it in 20 years or so…and laughing. A great vacation memory.


  2. Great fun indeed, Lisa ! – I don’t know that I ever saw beach-towels that big !!! – but it’s an awful long time since I’ve been at the beach … If you were here, I’d nag you to make Ryan wear a hat:but the quality of the sunlight is quite different, Downunder.


    1. We’re big hat people here too, M-R. This photo was taken in the early evening or Ryan would have been wearing one…he has quite a collection. 🙂 I’ve had Melanoma and am extremely careful about sun exposure. No one leaves the house here without sunscreen and hats if I’m on watch.


      1. Gosh ! – I thought it was an Oz thing, truly – bathers needing to protect against sunlight.
        I’ve had two lots cut out: one on my face and the other in the middle of my back. The facial ones were called BCCs and the back one a melanoma (caught very early). So far no sign of recurrence.


      2. I’m glad you’ve had clear checkups since, you can’t be too careful. We have a really high rate of skin cancers here in the Northwest too because of the mild year round temperatures. People can be outdoors 365 days of the year and UV exposure doesn’t care about clouds… I lost a big chunk out of my calf but so far each check up has been clean since.


      3. Agreed – absolutely !!! Scarcely a day goes by that some little thing impinges on my consciousness.
        Thank you, Lisa !


    1. Thanks, Shane. It’s a goofy moment but I like it a lot too and agree with you regarding the POV. I think shooting from behind provides the viewer with a lot of information while leaving some room for imagination and anonymity.


  3. Classic! I’ve just had a flashback as to when we used to wrap the towels around our legs, roll down the top a few times then wear the towels on our heads as a crown/cape combo – ah, they were the days, lol! 🙂


  4. This has made me laugh :D. Could I borrow your son’s superhero cape? I haven’t a single piece of clothing with frogs on it and I would absolutely love some 😀


    1. I’m glad you share my sense of humor, Paula this moment made me laugh too. 🙂 I wasn’t sure how many viewers would appreciate the photo when I posted it but hey, my blog, my choices. 🙂 You’re welcome to borrow the superhero cape anytime!


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