Weekly Travel Theme: Simplify


This week Alisa’s weekly travel theme asks everyone to share what comes to mind when they think of the word “simplify“.  After a day of thinking about how we’ve tried to simplify one aspect of our busy days I settled on our food choices and a photo of this pretty yellow truck at Horse Drawn Farm on Lopez Island.

Every week I purchase our fruits and vegetables from local farmers markets, I buy meat and poultry from a family run butcher shop and our friendly milkman delivers fresh dairy products all in an effort to make healthy meals that taste great while reducing the amount of additives and preservatives in our food.  As a bonus, this change in our shopping habits has actually reduced our weekly food costs as we aren’t paying middle man mark-ups on many of the higher ticket items usually found in grocery stores.  I make a habit of shopping local whenever possible and on Lopez we found several farms that sell fresh meat and produce directly from small markets in their barns.  Visitors simply select what they want to purchase, write the items and prices on a list and leave money in a basket on the counter.  This trip to Horse Drawn Farm included  some fantastic pork chops, fresh greens, carrots and sweet peas for the table.  We BBQ’d a wonderful, healthy meal on the deck and sat down to eat at sunset  celebrating another fun family trip in the San Juan Islands.

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43 thoughts on “Weekly Travel Theme: Simplify

  1. Love this shot of the old truck. We eat very little meat and shop farmers mart all of the time too and it is right up the road.


  2. I felt relaxed just reading about your wonderful evening meal. The funny thing I find is that sometimes in my attempts to simplify I make more work for myself. I think I need to rethink this. 🙂


  3. Lovely take on the theme…your changes in shopping habits sound great.
    I grow quite a few vegetables and so at this time of year I’m able to reduce the food miles dramatically!
    Lovely photo 🙂


  4. What I love best about this post is the fact that your food bill is actually less than when you did your shopping at the big grocery stores. Proof that we need not be rich or spend oodles of money to eat healthier. Yay!


  5. Love that photo Lisa. I try to buy from the Farmer’s Market as much as I can, simply because they are fresher and sometimes organic. And also to help the farmers.


      1. It really does!! I saw a meme going around that shows how much buying local and from small businesses directly help the family who owns the business and not just being added to some fat cat’s third vacation home. That made me feel happier to spend my money at these places than the typical grocery chains and restaurants. =)

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  6. As someone who struggles with meal planning and cooking, I am in awe of your chosen food lifestyle. I have a difficult enough time going to the grocery store and figuring out what and how to cook something! Funny, my mom can make a delicious meal out of anything. I always joke with her that I didn’t get that “gene.” 😀


    1. I’m totally dependent on my lists, Stacy. 🙂 If I don’t spend a little time on Saturday morning planning meals for the week we eat some pretty random things… It helps to have food shopping choices that are interesting though. 🙂

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