1 Day 1 World Project: 1:00 am – 2:00 am

1D1W 1a

It’s 1:00 am, do you know where your kids are?  Saturday night found Ryan sitting on my lap insisting on a selfie to capture the rare moment when Mom is up after midnight. 🙂  The low light of one lamp behind us left some shadows under my eyes that I’m not prepared to share but a quick editing session converted a grainy photo into a softly lined drawing.  Whew.

The evening got off to a great start with steaks on the BBQ and dinner on the deck.  We ate late on planning to make the evening last but by 11:00 everyone was ready to settle down inside for homemade ice cream and spooky movies.  Unfortunately we started the movie a little too early and it was over well before 1:00, right about the time John and I fell asleep on the couch.  Ryan took advantage of the opportunity to watch Saturday Night Live without his parents editing the skits and when my alarm went off at 1:00 am he was waiting with the camera ready to record the hour.  What will we do for 2:00 am?

If you have a photo or story to share about your 1:00 am hour I’d love to see it!   Please tag your post 1 Day 1 World Project for easy reader searches and/or link your post in a comment below so we can all enjoy the view. Together we’ll build a virtual 24 hour day filled with images from around the world.

If you’re new to the 1 Day 1 World Project please take a look at my introductory post here.  This 1:00 am post will remain open for submissions until the end of Saturday, August 9th and a new post for the 2:00 am hour will open for entries Sunday, August 10th.

I will be away from home and WiFi during the second half of this week exploring the Olympic Peninsula so please be patient.  I’ll catch up with all of your late night posts when we’re back!

For more 1:00 am views around the world take a look below:


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40 thoughts on “1 Day 1 World Project: 1:00 am – 2:00 am

    1. Thanks, Seonaid so far everyone is having fun with the late nights. 🙂 For the processing – Photostudio is an easy to use app with some interesting art-like choices to edit mobile photos.


    1. A good question, Jude we need some late shift workers to bring some excitement to the next few hours. 🙂 I think Ryan is having more fun than anyone, staying up late is still fun and adventuresome for him!


    1. It’s a good thing I have two alarms (my phone and Ryan) to ensure I make it to each of these late night hours! Thanks for sharing your post, Deb I added a link so everyone can find you. 🙂


  1. I too think the pencil drawing effect on the photo looks amazing! Nice touch. I also like the enlistment of the entire family in the project 🙂
    I am still waiting for inspiration to hit me for my 1am escapades this week. So far, nada.


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