Wishing My Beautiful Grandma Emma a Happy 97th Birthday!

One year ago today I thought it would be fun to write my Grandma Emma a happy birthday post in honor of her 96th birthday. I hoped she would enjoy seeing her photo and name in my blog and smile at the thought of this unique birthday card created just for her.  One year later I’m pleased to report she thoroughly enjoyed being the center of attention here and a quick look at my 2014 stats reveals readers around the world agree her long life is something special and deserving of celebration.  Grandma’s 96th birthday card was my third most viewed post of 2014 and the photo below is of her reading through all of your kind messages.

 Grandma at 96

Two of my favorite things about Grandma are her adventuresome spirit and beautiful smile.  If there’s a costume around she’ll give it a try but she’s always been ready to make the most of any photo session.  Here she is playing with her sister, having fun with a hula costume, posing with my Grandpa on their wedding day and in the line up as a member of her high school’s state championship winning basket ball team.

Grandma lead an active life farming, raising three boys, working as a typesetter for the local newspaper and golfing weekly until her mid 90’s.  She even found time to drive a go-kart around the fields and Model T’s in the summer parade.

Grandma’s days are a little quieter now but I’m thrilled to once again have the opportunity to wish her a Happy Birthday.  I don’t think she’ll mind if I quote myself from her 96th card as the sentiment remains the same.

Her feisty spirit, good heart and caring personality have carried her through a life full of twists and turns with both beauty and grace.

Keep your chin up and keep smiling Grandma, we love you!

Last year Grandma was the talk of the retirement community when word got out about her online card and all of the wonderful messages from lovely readers around the world.  If any of you have a few words to share with her this year we will arrange for her to see them and I know she’ll spend an enjoyable day reading each and every one.

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43 thoughts on “Wishing My Beautiful Grandma Emma a Happy 97th Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday, Grandma Emma, from Aberdeen, Scotland! It was lovely to see those photographs of all the things you did. Golfing until mid 90s – that is pretty impressive.
    Have a lovely day!

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  2. Marvelous, marvelous, marvelous–it’s an amazing feat to have reached such a milestone. You’re fortunate to have her here to share her stories and to gaze upon her past through the images, which help preserve her full life.

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  3. Happy Birthday from England! What a beauty, you remind me so much of my mother who was born in 1919. I hope that you have created a memory book so that all the wonderful things you have seen and done are recorded for generations to come. Have a lovely happy day with lots of CAKE!!
    Jude xx

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  4. Indeed, a Milestone for your Grandma Emma for celebrating her 97th Birthday. Wishing her the best of happiness and great health always. Happy Birhtday Grandma Emma.

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  5. Hi Lisa,

    What a great birthday present for Grandma Emma! Your photos and wonderful words capture her perfectly! Please add all our love and good cheer for Grandma to your terrific post!

    Much love from Dick, Dale, and Sara

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  6. Happiest of Brithdays, Grandma! We love you dearly, Erica, Wil, & Sophia

    Thanks, Lisa, for hosting this fabulous virtual event! It really is the best of “brag books” — 97 full years is definitely something to brag about :).

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  7. Grandma K is a legend in her own time. One can’t help but love and admire such a strong and happy soul. Happy Birthday with more parties and parades to come. Love, Maryellen

    And Lisa you are fabulous.

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  8. Happy 96, Lisa’s Grandma!!! May the coming year be the best year of your life, and may we all be here wishing you a fabulous 97. You look like my Mamaw, and it sounds like the two of you could’ve been sisters. Or kindred spirits.

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  9. It looks like Grandma Emma was ahead of her time. Quite the adventurer and quite beautiful too.
    Her wedding picture is striking but the posed one on the grass with her hubby is the prize winner.
    I hope Grandma Emma has a lot more birthdays. She looks like she has a lot more she wants to experience especially technologies. A great birthday gift from a kind hearted granddaughter.
    Happy Birthday, Grandma Emma !!! ❤ ❤ ❤
    Greetings from Isadora here in the west coast of Florida. 😍

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