Phoneography Challenge: Nature (City Trees in Winter and the B&W Challenge Day 1)

Even though our 2014/2015 winter is shaping up to be the winter-that-wasn’t I’ve spent it either inside the house or out on city streets too busy to take advantage of our unseasonably warm days.  I wish I had a camera roll full of forests and snow-covered mountains to share but this image of bare trees in the middle of Seattle’s Pioneer Square pretty much sums up my 2015 nature experiences.

iPhone Monday 2-3-15

 The very creative Meg over at Move the Chair has invited me to participate in a 5 day black and white challenge and today’s post represents day 1. I hope you’ll come back for four more images from our winter(ish) Saturday in Seattle’s International District and Pioneer Square.

Posted as part of Lens and Pen by Sally’s Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge:  Nature.

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28 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge: Nature (City Trees in Winter and the B&W Challenge Day 1)

  1. Lisa, yes, we’ve had a strange winter too. While it’s been cold, the snow has shirted us and we’ve had an abundance of rain. That translates to day after day of grey, much like your image. Your capture has a strong juxtaposition of nature and human nature. The way that we construct cities by leaving the barest of nature. Still, those trees do bring some wildlife: birds and insects. Sorry for the rant. Happy Photo Challenge.


    1. Looking at this photo now I realize the view will be very different in a few months after the leaves return. Hopefully I can go back for a second shot and capture the soft greens against all the hard stone and brick.


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