Wordless Wednesday: A Taste of Hong Kong In Seattle (B&W Challenge Day 2)

Wordless Wednesday 2-4-15

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29 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: A Taste of Hong Kong In Seattle (B&W Challenge Day 2)

    1. Thanks, Rusha! I almost didn’t convert this one to B&W because I really like the warm bricks, red sign and the walker’s bright green coat but other details, like the bike, stand out more in monochrome. Maybe I’ll share the color one later but I’m happy to hear you like it this way!

  1. It’s a difficult choice, color vs. b&w, but I think you made the right one! Although, I’m with you, I like the warm red tones. Looking forward to seeing the color version someday. Wonderful shot!!

  2. I love that I get to see Seattle from Virginia. I really love this photo. The bike sort of steals the show, but I love the signs and the storefronts, plus the reflections in the window. The depth of the photo and the angle of the shot are really nice, too. Yes, I said love three times (now four).

    1. It’s so great to hear you enjoy seeing Seattle from your home in Virginia, Robin. 🙂 One of the many wonderful things about this blogging community. Thanks so much for your nice comments!

  3. Very clever shot, Lisa. As Sukiesoriginal said, it looks a bit like Melbourne. Very similar to the Chinatown not far from my place. Great BW. It isn’t garish, like how some of them can be 🙂

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