iPhoneography Thursday: Nature (Spring Blooms in February)

iPhone Monday (Th) 3-5-15

As you can see from the title I’ve missed my usual iPhone Monday posting schedule by a few days and I also have to admit I never posted the last Black and White Challenge photo from my promised series of 5 images in a row back in February.  Hopefully today’s image makes up for both of these issues. 🙂

This is an outtake from my “shake-it-up” series of random Hipstamatic photos and thanks to Lens and Pen by Sally’s wonderful Phoneography and Digital Devices photo challenge as well as a kind invitation from Bebs at Taking a Deep Breath  to rejoin the black and white challenge I’m sharing it with you today.  Yes it’s Thursday night instead of Monday but this is what my weeks are like these days;  running a bit late but I eventually get there!

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38 thoughts on “iPhoneography Thursday: Nature (Spring Blooms in February)

  1. Thi sis absolutely beautiful. I love the drops of water sparkling on the flower even in black and white.


    1. Thank you, Ruth. I let the app choose if it would be black and white or color and in the past flowers haven’t turned out very well this way but this one came through alright. 🙂


  2. Lisa, I’m delighted to have you participate any day. Your image has a drama that pulls me into its story. I like the way the dark reveals the flower and its droplets. Seems to evoke new life from the melodrama. Happy Photo Challenge.


  3. I think that is a very cool black & white image. The background is at the perfect location in relation to the flowers. The diffraction of light through the water droplets add to the image that I think would be lost in a color image. Well done Lisa!!!


    1. I like your read here, Patrick. 😊 I wanted to capture the flower and rain but didn’t like the background. Happily my random choice came through with a lot of clarity and blurring in all the right spots.


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