2019 The Year of Black and White: Week 11

While the easy title for this week’s post was “Black and White” I could have also added something about it being the last full week of winter, or how my earliest memories of enjoying photographs were with books full of black and white images.  All of these would have been accurate but sometimes simple is best and that’s how I ended up with the title we see today.

As for this being the last full week of winter – yay!  I am so happy to turn the corner into spring that if it means the return of allergies and weeds in the yard and I’ll gladly take them in trade for longer days, warmer air and lots of pretty colors bursting out all around.

As for why I chose a monochrome theme it’s simple; black and white images capture and keep my attention in a way that color doesn’t quite match.  Many of you know that I take and post most of my images in color because the seasonal palettes of the Pacific Northwest really shine in vibrant, natural shades but when it comes to quiet storytelling or a photo to think about after you walk away black and white gets me every time.  As an early reader my favorite storytelling books contained pretty color illustrations but I also spent hours of self-directed, non-fiction book time at my Grandparents house engrossed in their Time Life book collection studying photographs of people leading daily lives long before I was born.  The decade volumes that interested me most were the earliest ones that included photographic illustrations because they were a first hand look at how people really lived before I was born and they were all in black and white creating a mysterious feeling of strangeness blended with familiarity.  I puzzled through the text as best I could and then “read” the photos filling in the blanks with what I thought was happening.  I can still remember my favorite pages and if I close my eyes I’m sitting on Grandma Emma’s living room floor in front of the fan with root beer and popsicles ready to learn about a new decade.

The photos above weren’t meant to be just like those old favorites, instead they’re quiet little moments of people and places that I thought benefitted from monochrome’s simplicity.  I’ll continue to post black and white weeks once or twice through the year and hope you’ll enjoy them as much as my big, bold color collections.

All photos were taken with my iPhone and editing apps used are Hipstamatic, VSCO and Stackables.  As always, if you have any questions about techniques or filters used please ask in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “2019 The Year of Black and White: Week 11

  1. I really like the last photo. Ryan either is bored or waiting for something 😀 I generally prefer colour photos but as you said, BW can bring out the simplicity of a scene or leave us pondering. Hope you enjoy Spring, Lisa 🙂

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    1. You’re right Mabel, Ryan was waiting for something… a sandwich. 🙂 Our last day of winter is surprisingly warm and it’s made me more than ready for a pretty spring! I hope you’re looking forward to fall!

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  2. I’m with you on welcoming spring, Lisa. Tomorrow, first day of spring, is my birthday. And it’s going to rain! LOL! I have no memory of it every raining on my birthday, so this is really something. Flowers that are typically blooming in February, haven’t yet. So untypical! But we’re getting closer, and I hold onto that!

    I love the black and white photos and enjoyed hearing you discuss how you were inspired by photos in the Time Life books you recall at your grandparents’ home. You brought back memories that I have of similar exposure. The shot of Ryan and Ava is just wonderful. You captured the mood of the waiting and I think it does carry a timeless quality because of the black and white. Really nice!!

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    1. Happy Birthday, Debra! I hope you enjoy that rain and have an extra slice of birthday cake in celebration. 🙂

      We have typical February bloomers that aren’t open yet here too, what a strange shift in our seasons. I check every day and can’t belive they still aren’t ready.

      Thanks so much for your visit and nice comments today!

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