2019 The Year of Seeing Green: Week 12

The year of seeing green?  Living green?  Sharing green?  We try for all three here but I still had a hard time settling on one for this post so after a day spent typing and deleting variations I finally acknowledged my best days happen when I can see something green so “seeing” it is.  Of course time with family, a good book, meal etc will brighten any day but everything just feels easier for me to enjoy when surrounded by pretty shades of fresh green life.

Is there a color that makes you happy every time you see it?  Or does the absence of a certain shade make joy harder to find?  I’d love to hear your favorites,  or maybe even a little story about what color means in  your life!

This set of seven photos were all taken with my iPhone and edited using the following apps: 3/17 & 18 – Stackables, 3/19 – VSCO + Word Swag, 3/20-23 – VSCO.

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12 thoughts on “2019 The Year of Seeing Green: Week 12

  1. All those photos make me happy, Lisa. I do like green, but we don’t have any yet A walk in the park, even when cold and windy and still brown as it was this morning makes me happy. I also picked up another bag of trash there before coming home and that makes me feel good as well. I keep gloves and garbage bags in the van so I can pick up trash when there’s a lot.

    Have a good week.


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    1. Good for you, Janet to be picking up trash when you walk. I get so angry when litter fills our natural and public spaces… My fingers are crossed your park turns green again soon but I’m happy to hear all colors/seasons are nice for you. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, D’Arcy and it’s nice to know we share a favorite color too! Blue is tied with green for me which might be why you these two combined in most of my photos. 🙂


  2. How beautiful, Lisa. Your banner photo, in particular, is just gorgeous! Lately green has been a big favorite as we have green everywhere! And that’s not typical at all! But I gravitate quite naturally to blue, and would always say that’s my favorite color. I am most at home with the ocean, and although most of the time I’d say our water is more of a sandy, dusky color, I still see it as blue! But green, right now, is pretty great! 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much, Debra! It makes me happy to hear you have green everywhere now! Blue is tied with green for being my favorite and I agree with you that our west coast oceanfront is frequently a sandy color ( mixed with green here) but I still see it as blue too. 🙂

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  3. Having grown up in the grey city (Chicago where winter seems to last 9 months a year) pretty much any color makes me happy when I see it :-). Your ‘backyard’ is jaw-dropping gorgeous. Not many people can go out and take a week’s worth of pictures against such a backdrop! Especially love the processing on the first two!

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    1. Glad you like these, Lisa! The processing on the first two was done on my iPad with an app called Stackables. It’s an old one but there’s so much to see and use that it’s still one of my favorites. 🙂

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