iPhoneography Monday 8-19-13

I take a lot of pictures with my phone every week. Not only do I find images everywhere that look interesting, I frequently shoot the same subject with more than one camera app to learn more about which settings I like in different conditions.

I have previously posted photos from these two locations below in full color versions and thought it would be fun today to also show you their black and white counterparts.  Each one was shot as an image separate from the color print.

iPhoneography Monday 8-19

The color version was originally posted as my Wordless Wednesday 8-7-13  and I stood in the same location for both shots.  They are cropped differently but the main change was moving from my iPhone’s native camera to Hipstamatic.

iPhoneography Monday 2 8-19

The color version of this cabin was originally posted for my Travel Theme:  Architecture submission and while they were both taken with Hipstamatic you can see I moved to the other side of the stairs and switched from color to shoot in black and white.

Looking at them as a group I can see points that I like and things I may do differently next time in each of the four photos and am curious to hear what you think.

For more black and white phoneography please visit Lens and Pen by Sally and her fun Phoneography Monday Challenge.

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16 thoughts on “iPhoneography Monday 8-19-13

  1. As a draftsman, I live by a picture is worth a thousand words. In the case of the first picture, color made a huge difference in what I thought I was seeing. The black and white image gave me the impression of a desert. In the second image the black and white photo spoke of the age of the cabin.


    1. Great points Patrick. I find it really interesting to face just how much I rely on color to interpret and identify something. Changing to black and white takes away many of my usual cues that I use to form a lot of assumptions. I agree that black and white for the cabin shows more of its true age when the newly cleaned wood and bright red door aren’t there to draw your eye.


  2. The hipstamatic filters make it moodier and more dramatic… like theatre, which in reality the shots in colour with your native camera is anything but. That gives you a lot of room to decide how you want to tell the story, the more you experiment with the filters and observe the differences. I wish I were as patient as you in doing that 😛


    1. I like your comment, “that gives you a lot of room to decide how you want to tell the story.” Trying them a few different ways does give me more options for later. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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