iPhoneography Monday: 11-18-13

iPhone Monday 11-18-13

While I have been lucky enough to see several pods of Orca Whales swimming along this waterway I have yet to get a good photo of a whale.  Maybe that is why I take so many of pictures of this beachfront sculpture…

Posted as part of Lens and Pen by Sally’s Phoneography Challenge:  Black and White

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21 thoughts on “iPhoneography Monday: 11-18-13

  1. Its amazing just how little resemblance there has to be for us to recognise “Orca!” – yet a wax-works style representation of one would be pointless on a beach. Lovely! We went on a tour out of Victoria BC, and (eventually) got to see a pod, of which I have video. Definitely worth the cost for visitors to the beautiful PNW.


    1. You’re right, a general fish like shape in black and white immediately says “orca” to me! I’m glad you got a chance to see them during your tour. The sounds of splashing and blowing stand out in my memory almost stronger than the visuals of them on the water.


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