iPhoneography Monday: 12-9-13

iPhone Monday 12-9-13

The second Monday of every month is devoted to mobile phone Macro photography at Lens and Pen by Sally so for today’s post I have this shot of the last Anemone seed pods left in my garden.  The final seeds let loose during our last windstorm and I’m sure we will find new plants sprouting all over the yard next spring.

Posted as part of Lens and Pen By Sally Phoneography Challenge:  Macro  

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35 thoughts on “iPhoneography Monday: 12-9-13

  1. Looks like you caught that one at the right time! Nothing like that left in my Ohio yard. Just a bunch of cold, white stuff and dirt. Oh, and leaves that got trapped under the snow. Real purty.


  2. That reminds me of the milkweed we get here. I don’t know if anyone actually puts it in their garden. But when they open, a great fluff of white spreads on the wind. Great shot!

    I have nominated you for an award. I love your blog, so I thought I would show you a little blog love. Feel free to accept the award – you are very deserving! However, if you don’t wish to participate, that’s okay, too 🙂


    1. Rob,
      I’m happy to hear you like this photo and thank you so much for the kind nomination! I don’t usually participate in blog awards but they never fail to give me a smile and brighten my day. Your support and thoughtful comments mean a lot to me, thank you!


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