Wordless Wednesday 5-23-18: Summer Fog in the Pacific Northwest

Pacific Northwest Mountain Lake in Fog

Shades of Blue: Part 2

Continuing my thoughts from last weeks post about Hipstamatic and Shades of Blue I have a new series of small photos from my walks around town.  This was a surprising spring morning filled with fog that could have passed for fall if you looked past the brave new blooms.  The air was damp and cold but since I was out I thought I’d make the best of it and see what I could see.

My day started with the early morning walk to the bus stop next to this warning sign for motorcycles.  Later I detoured to the beach on my way to the gym and our day ended wine tasting with friends.

All photos shot with my iPhone 7+ using Hipstamatic and the Elijah/Love 81 combination.

Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Black & White (Fall in the Park)

iPhone Saturday 2 9-27

Fall in the Pacific Northwest is a season of extremes.  We bounce back and forth between stunning blue skies, mild temperatures and bright fall foliage contrasted by extended periods of damp, cool fog.  This misty afternoon happened back in October 2013 but the photo is one of my favorites and I’ve been wanting to revisit the image in monochrome.  Thanks to Sally’s weekly photo challenge today’s the day. 🙂

Travel Theme: Misty


I love living by the waterfront with easy access to the beach but our proximity to Puget Sound also brings plenty of misty days .  In the fall we can spend weeks at a time wrapped in thick fog and even though I know the trees are turning brilliant shades of red and yellow and that the sky is bright blue above the fog line everything around us is muted, pale and quiet.

Both of these photos are from the same day in October, 2013.  The first view is what greeted us as we walked into to the park and the second was our surprise as the 10 day stretch of fog finally lifted just before sunset.  Some of you might remember the bright image below from my Wordless Wednesday:  10-23-13 post.

Wordless Wednesday 10-23-13

I like to think this kind of view is our reward for making it thorough the long, foggy days of October.

Posted as part of Alisa’s weekly Travel Theme:  Misty.

Black & White Tuesday: 10-29-13

B&W Tuesday 10-29-13

After spending a few dark days in a surprise stretch of October fog I stopped complaining about missing the fall color and blue skies and headed out to make the best of our gloomy weather.  It was very quiet along the beach this afternoon and even though a Washington State Ferry was loading cars next to us the dock and boat were hidden by fog.  There was something about the changed atmosphere that drew people to the waterfront and many chose to sit along the jetty peacefully watching the mist roll across the waves instead of boats and birds in the sunshine.

Phoneography Monday: Black and White 10-21-13

iPhone Monday 2 10-21-13

iPhone Monday 10-21-13

The third Monday of every month is devoted to black and white phoneography at Lens and Pen By Sally.  My small town is in the middle of its fourth day of heavy October fog and I hope Sally doesn’t mind the touch of Sepia in  these misty beach photos because I need a hint of color to lighten the monochrome view outside…